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December’s NoticeBored awareness topic is oversight New this month

What is in the oversight awarness module?We bring the year to a close with an awareness and training module on a universal control that is applicable and valuable in virtually all situations in some form or other.  Oversight blends monitoring and watching-over with directing, supervising and guiding, an intensely powerful combination.

The diversity and flexibility of the risk and control principles behind oversight are applied naturally by default, and can be substantially strengthened where appropriate. Understanding the  fundamentals is the first step towards making oversight more effective, hence this is a cracker of an awareness topic with broad relevance to information risk and security, compliance, governance, safety and all that jazz.

It’s hard to conceive of a security awareness and training program that would not cover oversight, but for most it is implicit.  NoticeBored draws it out, putting it front and center, making it explicit in the full glare.  Read more about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module.

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing awareness and training materials on the following information risk and security topics:

  • January 2019: resilience - we kick-off another year with a module about resilience, a neglected but extremely valuable element of business continuity.  The idea is for the organization to bend not break under stress, coping with the strain to keep critical business activities running.
  • February: errors and omissions - whereas we usually think of active, deliberate threats such as hackers and malware, accidents do happen.  This is the other meaning of oversight.
  • March: malware - every year we update the materials on malicious software and every year we find new things going on.  What will be on screens in March 2019?  Subscribe to NoticeBored to find out.

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