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Developing engaging and accessible awareness and training content on the current state of malware (malicious software) is quite a challenge.  Malware is a complicated and dynamic field, a seething mass of issues that are hard to pin down in the first place, and awkward to describe in relatively simple and straightforward terms. 

However, we’ve been doing this stuff for years so we have the advantage of a stock of background material to draw upon.  It’s hard work, though, to review and update previous materials given the pace of change so, once again, this year’s awareness module delivers a substantial amount of brand new content.  Every year we update the awareness materials on malicious software and every year we find new things going on.

Read more about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module and get in touch to subscribe.

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing awareness and training materials on the following information risk and security topics:

  • April: incident detection adds another dimension to the classical risk metric.  Aside from the probability and impact of various incidents, some are harder to detect than others, delaying the trigger point for incident response ... perhaps indefinitely. What will be on screens in April?  Subscribe to NoticeBored to find out!
  • May: home working is about the information risks and security controls applicable to working from home, or indeed on the road, from hotels and generally out and about.
  • June: physical information security is an essential part of protecting IT systems, networks and data, as well as other physical information assets - not least the workers (touching on health and safety). 

Security awareness and training is what we do

We’re passionate about this stuff, keen to inspire you and your colleagues.

We put in the hard yards researching and preparing top-quality creative content to make your awareness and training programfly.


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