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January’s NoticeBored awareness topic is resilience New this month

Discover January's materialsResilience is a valuable concept in business and life as a whole.  It involves ‘bending not breaking’, in other words making or arranging things such that issues or incidents aren’t disastrous or terminal, although damage may be sustained.  Resilient things aren’t necessary invulnerable but they are definitely not fragile.  In the lingo, their performance degrades gradually or gracefully.  Mostly, they just keep going.

Resilience is a new topic for us, the 67th in our bulging portfolio.  If your security awareness and training program is restricted to the basics such as viruses and passwords, no wonder your employees are bored stiff.  A dull and uninspiring program achieves little value, a waste of money.

For a new cost-effective approach, read about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module and get in touch to subscribe.

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing awareness and training materials on the following information risk and security topics:

  • February: errors and omissions - whereas we usually think of active, deliberate threats such as hackers and malware, accidents do happen.  This is the other meaning of oversight.
  • March: malware - every year we update the materials on malicious software and every year we find new things going on.  What will be on screens in March?  Subscribe to NoticeBored to find out!
  • April: incident detection adds another dimension to the classical risk metric.  Aside from the probability and impact of various incidents, some are harder to detect than others, delaying the trigger point for incident response ... perhaps indefinitely.

Security awareness and training is what we do

We’re passionate about this stuff, keen to inspire you and your colleagues.

We put in the hard yards researching and preparing top-quality creative content to make your awareness and training program fly.

Get in touch today to launch a
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