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Read more about Septembers materialsSeptember’s security awareness topic is outsider threats New this month

Since there are many more outsiders than employees, even if only a tiny fraction of them have malicious intent towards the organization, that’s still a substantial threat. 

Malicious outsiders with the skills and intent to cause trouble through cyber or physical means are genuine concerns, along with the authorities (such as industry regulators and auditors) plus natural threats such as storms, and accidents such as Internet service failures.

Read more about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module

Does your awareness and training program cover this important topic? 

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing the following awareness modules:

  • October: phishing - one of many social engineering threats, perhaps the most widespread.  We know awareness isn’t a perfect control but the alternatives are even worse!  Awareness is an important part of the solution.
  • November: cloud computing - the cybersecurity issues associated with cloud are substantial but tricky to explain.  We’ll be updating the awareness materials written and delivered back in 2014.  What has changed since then?
  • December: oversight - this may qualify as a universal security control, unless you can think of any situation where oversight would not be useful?

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