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This month we have revised the privacy awareness module with a particular focus on GDPR (the General Data Protection R egulation). 

GDPR is a major shake-up in European privacy laws with global implications.  Does your organization know what’s coming?  Do you understand the implications for your policies, procedures, websites and IT systems?  Will you - and your suppliers - be ready by May 2018?

Bringing employees up to speed on privacy through awareness and training is an essential part of business for all organizations.  Persuading workers to take good care of the personal information they handle means more than just informing them about their compliance obligations: they need to be sufficiently motivated to change their ways, for example reporting privacy breaches as soon as possible.  The 3-day breach reporting deadline under GDPR will be challenging even for organizations that have a strong approach to privacy.  For those with low awareness, it may be impossible.  MORE

Coming up soon

For December and the end of year holiday season when many of us let our hair down, we’re planning to cover social engineering - one of the core topics for security awareness, of course, and increasingly important given strengthening cybersecurity.  While our IT systems and networks are increasingly protected by security technologies, we the people remain as vulnerable as ever ... unless we have the benefit of an outstanding security awareness program.

A vibrant security culture

Security awareness is complicated and hard going, especially for hard-working information risk and cybersecurity professionals.  Awareness involves human factors - that soft and squidgy stuff which scares pure technologists!  Too often it slides down the priority list, not because it’s unimportant but because it’s hard to take that first step.  So let us help. Security awareness is what we do, making that hard stuff easier .

No matter where you are now, we’ll take you up a level. If you don’t currently have an awareness program, the InfoSec 101 module will get you off to a flying start.  If your program is not achieving results, we’ll give you the tools to up your game, one notch at a time.  Let us do the research and writing for you. Simply deploy the awareness materials and immediately reap the benefits of a more informed, engaged, motivated and concerned workforce.

Get in touch today: we’re keen to get you up and running quickly ... for a lot less than you might think.

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