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Back-to-basics security awareness module New for September

1 of 6 posters in the 101 moduleWe have thoroughly revised the Information Security 101 module covering the basics of information risk and security.  The module has a dual purpose:

(1) To launch or re-launch a security awareness program, quickly bringing everybody up to speed in this area; and

(2) For new worker security induction or orientation purposes, helping them appreciate that they are joining and becoming an integral part of the corporate security culture. 

Find out MORE about September’s materials including a listing of the items provided.

Buy the Information Security 101 module at a very special price, just US$645.  It’s included in the regular NoticeBored subscription service, along with further awareness modules every month covering more than 60 topics (so far!).

Coming up soon

October’s awareness topic will be the corporate security culture.  Find out how things are going as we slave away, busily preparing the materials during September through NBlog.

In November we will release a revised privacy awareness module. There will be a special focus on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - a major shake-up in privacy laws not just around Europe but with global implications.  Does your workforce know what’s coming?  Will you be ready by May 2018?

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If your security awareness program only covers the obvious stuff such as ransomware and phishing, you are way, way out of touch with the reality of information risk and security today.  If it doesn’t even cover that, well what can we say ... except call us.  Kick-start a world-class awareness program.

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