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Assurance is about knowing,
sure or certain
of something – not just the
confident state of mind
but the activities that
achieve it … or fail to do so

Assurance involves checking and testing to verify and confirm or refute claims or beliefs, thereby gaining confidence and engendering trust.  The strong link between assurance and information risk management makes this a novel yet fascinating area to explore through the awareness program, more relevant to than perhaps you might think.

Assurance turned out to be a more complicated and involved topic than we anticipated touching on testing, audits, trust, safety, information risk, fraud and more. It has been interesting, though. I hope NoticeBored subscribers will find value in the different perspective it brings to information security, and on business: assurance is relevant to the organization's brands and relationships, essential in fact for long term survival and prosperity.

Read more about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module,  the 64th topic in our bulging security awareness and training portfolio

Awareness content for GDPR New

Is your GDPR/privacy compliance project nearing completion?  Need top-quality creative awareness and training content to accompany the launch?  We have professionally written materials to hand that we can quickly adapt to suit your specific requirements.  Let us know know what you’re after and we’ll put together a custom GDPR awareness and training package just for you, hopefully in time for May 25th if you’re smart about it.

Coming up soon

We’re currently researching the following information risk and security topics for future modules:

  • May: privacy and GDPR - this will be our our third and final round of awareness prior to the GDPR implementation deadline.
  • June: incident management - handling security, privacy and other information-related incidents.
  • July: security frameworks - structured ways of managing information risks using information security controls and other approaches.

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