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This month's moduleIoT - Insecurity of Things

Recent IoT developments prompted us to dust-off and update the NoticeBored IoT security awareness module originally delivered in 2015.  We ended up completely rewriting it, such is the pace of change in IoT … a finding with implications for information risk and security.  IoT is more than just a passing wave or fad: the sheer number and variety of things today, let alone the predicted strong growth in the market, heralds a new era in IT with the usual heady mix of challenges and opportunities ahead.  Best get prepared!

“How do they do that?”

We are blogging daily about the process of developing the awareness materials, and the thought that goes into their design.  If you are bored with the usual dog-eared awareness posters, superficial infographics and stale, out-of-date Learning Management System content, track NBlog for tips on preparing fresh, creative and engaging content for an effective awareness program covering the broadest range of information risk and security topics on the planet.

Innovation, creativity and a passion for sharing

NoticeBored is our innovative awareness service delivering three parallel streams of creative and engaging adult educational materialsConvince your management of the value of security awareness, then speak to us about making it happen, soon.   If you’ve been meaning to ‘do something’ about security awareness for ages, but never quite get around to it, we can get you up and running in no time.  Get in touch.  A subscription to the NoticeBored service is very modestly priced: for about the same as it would cost you to employ a professional author to prepare a single module, we’ll deliver twelve covering something fresh and topical every month of the year.

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