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Mid-winter sale July 12th until the weather warms up

SALEIt’s f-f-f-f-freezing down here in New Zealand, so we’re spreading a little warmth.  Your first year’s subscription to the NoticeBored security awareness service will cost a paltry US$1,200.  Yes, just 100 USD per month for the very best security awareness content, regardless of the size of your organization.  We’ll even throw in the usual welcome gifts (the policy suite and Infosec 101 module) for free.  This is a very special price, available to the first 50 new customers only ... so don’t delay, get in touch straight away.

To take advantage of this offer, simply mention “nuts off” in your inquiry


Closing the gapExcellent advice from “Closing the gap - Insuring your business against evolving cyber threats” by Lloyds of London (written in conjunction with KPMG and DAC Beachcroft and Lloyd’s insurers).  But how should you do it? Ask us: we can help.

 One of six new security awareness postersWorkplace information security module

‘The workplace’ is an indistinct, dynamic and continually evolving information space, both for knowledge workers and, increasingly, for manual workers too thanks to the growth of automation, IoT things and robotics. Whereas most of an organization’s information might once have been created, housed and used in conventional offices, increasingly mobile modern workers are using portable ICT equipment, wirelessly connected both to their colleagues if not the world at large, to create, process and use information wherever they happen to be working.  As the physical, organizational, social and technological barriers have fallen, the nature of both ‘work’ and ‘workplace’ have materially changed in the last decade or three.  So too have the associated information risks and necessary security controls.  MORE about July’s awareness materials.

The widest range of security awareness topics on the planet

Well at least we believe so.  If your security awareness program is limited to ransomware and phishing, you are way, way out of touch with the reality of information risk and security today.

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