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New this monthSocial engineering - December’s security awareness topic New for October

We close off the year with a fresh look at social engineering, always a topical issue during the holiday/new-year party season when we let our hair down.  Generally speaking, we are less guarded and more vulnerable than usual to some forms of social engineering.  The sheer variety of social engineering is one of the key messages in this month’s awareness materials. 

This module concerns:

  • Social engineering attacks including phishing and spear-phishing, and myriad scams, con-tricks and frauds;
  • The use of pretexts, spoofs, masquerading, psychological manipulation and coercion, the social engineers’ tradecraft;
  • Significant information risks involving blended or multimode attacks and insider threats;
  • Controls and countermeasures against social engineering - not least awareness and vigilance.


Coming up next year

We’re already researching information risk and security topics for the awareness program in 2018:

  • January: BYOD & IoT - Bring Your Own Device and the Internet of Things generally involve small, portable, battery-operated, wireless networking computer systems, big on convenience and utility but small on security.  January’s materials will discuss striking the right balance between those factors.
  • February: protecting information - We’re planning to link a variety of information risk and security topics with good security practices.
  • March: malware - March is our regular slot on the calendar for an update on the malware situation.

A vibrant security culture

Security awareness is complicated and hard going, especially for hard-working information risk and cybersecurity professionals.  Awareness involves human factors - that soft and squidgy stuff which scares pure technologists!  Too often it slides down the priority list, not because it’s unimportant but because it’s hard to take that first step.  So let us help. Security awareness is what we do, making that hard stuff easier .

No matter where you are now, we’ll take you up a level. If you don’t currently have an awareness program, the InfoSec 101 module will get you off to a flying start.  If your program is not achieving results, we’ll give you the tools to up your game, one notch at a time.  Let us do the research and writing for you. Simply deploy the awareness materials and immediately reap the benefits of a more informed, engaged, motivated and concerned workforce.

Get in touch today: we’re keen to get you up and running quickly ... for a lot less than you might think.

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