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Find our more about the moduleCyberinsurance awareness module July 12th until the weather warms up

August is peak holiday period for much of the Northern hemisphere, presenting an opportunity for something different and a bit lighter than most awareness topics.  Cyberinsurance is an emerging practice and a new area for NoticeBored, the 62nd awareness topic in our bulging portfolio.

Although insurers have been moving into cyberinsurance for 20 years, it’s still a novel concept, one that is mostly of concern to organizations.  It is a valuable way of dealing with cyber risks that might otherwise prove extremely costly and disruptive for the business.  MORE about August’s materials.


Closing the gap





Excellent advice there from “Closing the gap - Insuring your business against evolving cyber threats” by Lloyds of London - one of the resources that went into researching the topic and preparing August’s materials.  Want to know how to give people that ‘comprehensive understanding of the cyber threats’?  Find out how our awareness content gives you the edge over other awareness approaches.

Coming soon

For September, we’ll be updating the Information Security 101 module on the basics of information risk and security.  The module has a dual purpose:
(1) to launch or re-launch a security awareness program, quickly bringing everybody up to speed in this area; and (2) for new worker security induction or orientation purposes, helping them appreciate that they are joining and becoming an integral part of the corporate security culture.  Find out what’s going on as we research and prepare the materials during August through NBlog.

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If your security awareness program only covers the obvious stuff such as ransomware and phishing, you are way, way out of touch with the reality of information risk and security today.  If it doesn’t even cover that, well what can we say ... except call us.  Kick-start a world-class awareness program.

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