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Cick for moreMay’s awareness & training topic is privacy New this month

Thanks to the European Union and Facebook, there is no shortage of topical content for May’s awareness and training module on privacy.  After a two -year implementation period, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on May 25th with obvious implications for EU-based organizations, and less-obvious implications for those based outside the EU.  We have an exciting period ahead as the world gets to grips with GDPR and, in due course, the EU authorities sink their teel into hapless organzations accused of failing to heed the new privacy regime.  Fireworks, coming soon to a screen near you!

Talking of fireworks, you can hardly have missed the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica fiasco playing out over the last month or so. As well as the privacy breach itself, Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before a US Senate hearing touched on the commercial aspects, the enormous value of personal data to organizations willing to exploit it.

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Coming up soon

We’re currently researching the following information risk and security topics for future modules:

  • June: business continuity - includes resilience, recovery, contingency and incident management.
  • July: security frameworks - structured, good-practice ways of managing information risks.
  • August: insider threats - threats within the organization from employees, contractors, consultants, temps, interns and more.
  • September: outsider threats - threats without the organization from competitors, criminals, government agencies and more.

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