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Find out more about the new topicFebruary’s awareness topic is protecting information New this month

‘Protecting information’ is a deliberately vague title, giving us the opportunity to present an overview of information risk management, emphasizing good practices and exploring a few specific aspects such as information classification and the availability paradox.  More

Coming up soon

We’re researching several information risk and security topics for the awareness program:

  • March: malware - next month we’ll update subscribers on the malware situation.  What is really going on in the antivirus market, for example?
  • April: assurance - we’re working on a brand new awareness module about confidence and trust.
  • May: privacy and GDPR - it’s time for our third and final round of awareness on this important topic prior to the GDPR implementation deadline.  If you are only now thinking about covering this in your awareness program, it’s not too late to get in touch with us.  We have the content, you have the need.  Let’s make it happen, quick!

Security awareness is what we do

We’re passionate about this stuff, keen to inspire you and your colleagues. We put in the hard yards researching and preparing creative content to make your awareness program fly.

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