NoticeBored Back Catalog

When you subscribe to NoticeBored, you have the option to license the Back Catalog, a ready-made security awareness library containing all the awareness materials we have delivered in recent years - gigabytes of high quality awareness content, a rich portfolio covering more than 60 information risk and security topics.

Security awareness right out of the boxThe Back Catalog lets you pick-and-mix materials and change the delivery sequence to suit your security awareness schedule. As a NoticeBored subscriber, you will still have the advantage of regular monthly deliveries of fresh awareness modules to keep your library constantly up-to-date, so the choice is yours.

The Back Catalog also lets you set up awareness-on-demand: if you wish, simply upload the entire suite of materials to your Intranet, Wiki, Learning Management System, intranet Content Management System, Sharepoint or whatever, and encourage employees to browse the security library whenever their natural curiosity strikes. It’s a ready-made security awareness library.

The Back Catalog costs the same as another year’s subscription to NoticeBored. This is a very special price for such a comprehensive suite of materials covering a remarkably wide range of contemporary information security topics.

If it helps explain things to your management, by all means treat your first year’s NoticeBored subscription plus the Back Catalog as a one-off (capital) investment to launch a best-practice information security awareness program, with the annual subscription in subsequent years being a routine maintenance charge (revenue). We can invoice you accordingly and accept payment in any major currency. Get in touch.


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