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We are 12 hours ahead of UTC in New Zealand, 13 hours in our summer with daylight savings time. Please avoid ringing us in the dead of our night if you expect a sensible conversation with a sentient being. We work long hours and most days of the week, but not 24x7!

If you leave a telephone message, please speak clearly and spell out important things such as your email address and phone number, otherwise we might not be able to respond. Email is more reliable.

Your comments, criticisms, improvement suggestions and good ideas are always welcome - seriously, we invite them all. We are keen to continue innovating and developing our product but without your feedback we can only guess at what you really need. What attracts you to NoticeBored? What concerns you about the product? What else would you like us to offer?

Tell us about your information security awareness program and we’ll probably think of ways to improve it.

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