February’s awareness topic: protecting information

Protecting information in the cloudOutline and scope New this month

‘Protecting information’ sums up all that we do so what does the new awareness module actually cover?

The module’s title gives subscribers plenty of latitude.  It begs questions about what information needs to be protected, protected against what, how, and by whom.

To answer those and other questions, we have drawn inspiration from information risk management, intellectual property protection and knowledge management.

Information classification is one of the core themes this month, explaining the purpose and process for classifying and protecting information.  Awareness in this area is particularly important for organizations handling government and defense information: it’s all very well stamping SECRET on your manilla folders, but what does that actually mean?

The availability paradox is another strong theme concerning the need for a balanced and considered approach towards protecting information.  If you don’t know what that means, get in touch: the paradox is patiently explained in the module.


Protecting info wordcloud

Learning objectives

Explain the context and purpose for protecting information;

Promote information risk management, including the four different ways of dealing with information risks;

Engage with individual readers, resonating with them and persuading them to help protect valuable yet vulnerable corporate and personal information;

Bring up the issues that arise from over-protecting information.

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