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Explore the new module furtherDecember’s security awareness topic is social engineering New this month

December 2019 sees the release of our 200th security awareness and training module on social engineering.  This was planned to coincide with the end of year holiday period - peak hunting season for social engineers on the prowl, including those portly, bearded gentlemen in red suits, allegedly carrying sacks full of presents down chimneys.  Yeah right!

There’s a fascinating paradox at the heart of social engineering.  Certain humans threaten our interests by exploiting or harming our information. They are the tricksters, scammers, con-artists and fraudsters who evade our beautiful technological and physical security controls, exploiting the vulnerable underbelly of information security: the people.  At the same time, humans are intimately involved in protecting and legitimately exploiting information for beneficial purposes.

Our vigilance is often the only remaining hurdle to be overcome, making security awareness and training crucial to our defense.  It’s do or die, quite literally in some cases! 

Read more about the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module and purchase it through our eStore.

Get creative content for your awareness and training program

You’ll find plenty of creative awareness and training materials on sale at SecAware.com ranging from policies and presentations to posters and procedures. There is top-quality descriptive and motivational content for staff in general, with further streams specifically designed to appeal to managers plus professional specialists.  The 200th module on social engineering is available to purchase and download today.

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing fresh awareness and training materials on the following topics:

  • January: ISO27k - the ISO/IEC 27000-series standards have evolved steadily from relatively humble beginnings as a corporate security policy in the 1990s to today’s globally-respected suite of good practices in information risk and security management.  This will be our 70th topic.
  • February: malware - our chance to catch up with the latest developments in one of the most pernicious and long-standing threats in information security.
  • March: infosec 101 - it’s time to update the new worker induction/orientation content with general advice on information risk and security matters that virtually everyone needs to know.

Information risk and security is what we do

We’re passionate about this stuff, keen to inspire you and your colleagues.

Speak to us about your ISO27k information risk and security consulting requirements.  How can we help?

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