About IsecT Ltd.

IsecT Limited is a consultancy with skills and expertise in information risk and security management, ISO27k, security metrics, IT auditing, plus security awareness. We are based in sunny Hawke’s Bay on the East coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Security awareness is an enduring interest that belies our true passion: working with people to protect and exploit information.

For decades, our consultants have operated and supported computer systems and networks, undertaken risk assessments, planned, implemented, managed and audited system security controls, built ISO27k-compliant Information Security Management Systems, written security policies, technical baseline security standards and procedures, managed information security and computer audit functions for major multinationals in various industries and consulted for all sorts of organizations. We have worked with literally hundreds of organizations on the ISO/IEC standards, audited literally thousands of computer systems, software development projects etc. and interacted with no end of real people doing real jobs - everyone from barely-literate security guards through classical IT gurus to extremely switched-on engineering professors doing rocket science (yes, literally!). We actively contribute to a range of information, IT and cybersecurity, computer audit, information risk management and governance newsgroups, professional membership bodies and international standards committees, and have presented to numerous conferences as well as dozens of management teams on all manner of information security-related topics.

With that breadth and depth of experience behind us, we have the qualifications and knowledge to prepare high quality security awareness materials that are not just technically accurate but actually work in practice. Indeed we have designed, built, delivered and managed information security awareness programs for clients using the very concepts now embodied in NoticeBored.

We established IsecT Ltd. in 2002, designed NoticeBored and launched the product in 2003.  It continues evolving to this day. We pride ourselves on the innovation, creativity and quality demonstrated by NoticeBored, while excellent feedback from our valued customers gives us immense pleasure.

IsecT Ltd. consists of a small permanent core staff working in conjunction with a network of trusted partners and suppliers. This arrangement minimizes our fixed overhead costs and gives us the flexibility to adapt rapidly to the marketplace. When we need them, we draw upon the skills of like-minded specialists in information security, awareness, IT, graphics, metrics, governance, law, marketing, finance and other fields as necessary. We see no need to run our own email server, for a trivial example, when we can contract with qualified professionals to do just that. We refer non-core business leads to our partners and warmly welcome information security (especially security awareness) referrals from all sources, not least our satisfied customers. We focus on our core business strengths (working with people on information security - come on, keep up!). We are living proof that high quality and attention to detail do not necessarily mean high prices.

Honesty and integrity are extremely important drivers for us, not just in the security awareness materials we produce but in the way we live and breathe. We could easily hide behind this website like so many faceless companies on the web but the truth is that we would much rather be up-front with you about the passions that drive us. We enjoy the odd touch of humor that creeps into the NoticeBored materials every now and then, and always we welcome constructive criticism. If our approach strikes a chord (or a cord) with you, whether you are a potential subscriber, partner or supplier, please get in touch. What’s your passion? What gets you leaping out of bed every morning?

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