What is a NoticeBored “module”?

NB monthly module structureModules are ZIP files containing a wealth of security awareness and training materials - mostly Microsoft Office files: Word documents, PowerPoint presentations (graphical slides with written speaker notes), Visio diagrams and eye-catching mind maps like this one, plus high-resolution .JPG graphics for posters etc. These are unlocked customer -editable files so that you can customize or adapt the content.

The exact content varies from topic to topic, month to month. The mix has steadily evolved since NoticeBored was launched. See this month’s module for example.

There are three primary audiences for the NoticeBored materials. Whereas most security awareness products cater only for general employees (often just “end-users”, neglecting others), we feel strongly that managers and professionals also have crucial roles in relation to information risk and security. They have different perspectives and information needs. Hence we supply three parallel streams of content, all covering the same monthly topic but expressed in terms that resonate with the respective audiences.


Three parallel streams




Why them?

Practically everyone comes into contact with valuable information, even those who don’t use computers.

Set the tone at the top. Without management’s understanding and overt support, information security is doomed.

Responsible for IT, risk management, HR, compliance and other specialist areas

Nature of materials

Non-technical; easily understood; accessible; useful; engaging; lighthearted, fun even.

Non-technical; governance, risk, compliance & strategy related; succinct; direct; pragmatic; businesslike

Semi-technical (not too deep); share and promote good security practices;
thought-provoking, engaging

Key issues

What’s in it for me and my family? What are my personal information risks and security needs? What should I do to minimize them?

What are the business risks? How does information security add value? What are our strategic options? What are my governance responsibilities?

What are the technical issues in this area? What technical controls are appropriate and how to they work? As a specialist, what’s my role?

Security topics

The same monthly information security topic is covered simultaneously
across all 3 streams, emphasizing the 3 different perspectives while
encouraging the audiences to interact, socializing security.

Cross-referencing related topics and reinforcement of the information security messages brings a year-round coherence and consistency to the NoticeBored awareness materials.

In essence, we’re constantly telling and re-telling the core information risk and security story, covering  different angles each month.

It helps that all the materials are prepared consistently to a high standard of quality by the same well-qualified and dedicated professionals.



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