Our part in the process: a peek behind the scenes at NoticeBored

NB process our partEvery month, we research another information risk and security topic, prepare the awareness materials, then polish, package and deliver them to customers online.

In more detail:

  • We constantly strive to stay abreast of the field, for example tracking various news sites, blogs, vendor sites, CERT and other alerts, professional mailing lists and so forth to identify emerging information risk and security issues at the earliest opportunity, and monitoring security awareness, employee communications and adult educational resources for ideas we can adapt and exploit;
  • We research the topics to find interesting, relevant angles for the three primary audiences in our sights, thinking long and hard about what really needs to be said and working out the associated learning objectives;
  • We create original content, for example coming up with graphic designs for the posters, mind maps and diagrams to illustrate the other materials, and of course the written words. Using templates, we draft the awareness materials as a coherent suite, elaborating on:
    • General interest and personal themes for the staff stream;
    • Business, strategy, governance, compliance and risk management themes for the management stream;
    • More technical/specialist themes for the professionals’ stream;
    • Core information security-related themes across all three streams, with nods back to prior modules and forward to forthcoming modules as appropriate, creating temporal continuity.
  • We proofread, polish and finalize the materials, picking-up on relevant late-breaking news to provide camera-ready copy that can literally be used straight-out-of-the-box;
  • We zip the files into a module and upload it to our server shortly before the start of the month;
  • We update this website and the blog with an outline of the new module, and email customers to let them know it is ready to download.

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