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If it came in a box, this is how it might look!Contact us to quote you our best price for a subscription to NoticeBored.

The NoticeBored annual subscription delivers:

  • Twelve fresh awareness modules, one every month, covering a broad range of information security matters;
  • Each module contains a stack of creative security awareness materials on a specific topic for staff, managers and IT professionals, supplied as camera-ready MS Office files that you can easily customize if you wish (check out this month’s module to see exactly what you’d be getting);
  • Each module is either brand new or thoroughly updated to reflect the current situation and current thinking on the topic area;
  • The Information Security 101 module, designed both to launch your awareness program and for new employee security orientation training (free for subscribers saving US$645 if purchased separately);
  • A full set of information security policies (free for subscribers saving US$663 if purchased separately);
  • Email and telephone support, with the opportunity to influence the topics we cover and the materials we supply, and to tap into our expertise in information risk and security, governance, compliance, metrics, ISO27k etc.

If your awareness budget is severely limited, or if you have already spent most of it, talk to us about your options. We’ll do our level best to accommodate your requirements, such as a part-year subscription to align with your budget cycle. We’re happy to haggle with government organizations, charities, SMEs, consultancies - anyone in fact.

If a competitor has offered you an attractive price for an equivalent product, let us know and we’ll cut you a deal. Being a micro-business, we’re delighted to pass on the benefits of our low overheads as well as our passion for security awareness.

Remember that awareness is the most cost-effective security control. We can even help you construct a budget proposal.

The NoticeBored Back Catalog

When you subscribe to NoticeBored, why not take the Back Catalog too? For a single charge equivalent to another year’s subscription, we will get you started with a massive electronic library of high quality awareness materials on nearly 70 information risk and security topics, giving you the flexibility to schedule the delivery of individual awareness topics or mix-n-match the materials to suit your specific program plan.

Information security policies

The overarching Corporate Information Security Policy and topic-based information security policies cost US$15* each or US$663.30* for the whole suite covering nearly 70 topics.  Visit our eShop to purchase them online or subscribe to the NoticeBored security awareness service to receive the complete set free!

Information Security 101

Information Security 101 covers the basics for security orientation or to accompany the launch/re-launch of an awareness program.  Visit our eShop to purchase InfoSec 101 online for just US$645* or subscribe to the NoticeBored security awareness service to receive it for nothing!

Information security training, consultancy & management

We offer training in a variety of information risk and security areas such as security awareness, ISO27k, CISM, CISA, CISSP, security metrics and more, anywhere in the world. We particularly enjoy short consultancy/training assignments. For longer assignments, we prefer to work remotely using email, telephone and collaborative tools, delivering good honest advice, mentoring and professional support. An example might be:

  • Two days on-site to set the scene, brief the CISO and elaborate on the organization’s security metrics objectives and challenges;
  • An all-day or intensive half-day metrics workshop involving middle- and senior/executive managers to establish the ground rules and then thrash out a shortlist of security (and perhaps other) metrics;
  • A further day or two on-site helping the CISO deal with and resolve any immediate issues arising, perhaps finalizing the key design requirements and initial set of metrics for an executive dashboard;
  • ‘Virtual consulting’ support over the succeeding weeks or months to document and fine-tune the metrics and related processes, charged on an agreed call-off/hourly/daily basis as and when required.

A similar approach might help you plan, establish and launch a world-class security awareness program, an ISO27k Information Security Management System, or a productive information security management or IT audit function.

We’re also open to interim management roles, picking up the pieces when a CISO, Information Security Manager or IT auditor unexpectedly departs, quickly picking up the reins and stabilizing the function, then helping you find, recruit and settle-in a suitable permanent replacement.

Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll talk it through, either developing a proposal ourselves or putting you in touch with trusted partners from our professional contacts in North America, Europe and Africa, as well as the locals down here in the South Pacific.

* Note: New Zealand-based customers will be charged GST in addition to the prices shown. Export sales are free of sales tax.
Contact us for a quote or invoice if you would prefer to pay in another currency.

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