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Working from home, on-the-hoof, or more generally working in temporary and transient locations, changes the information risks compared to working in purpose-built offices.  Mostly, the risks increase in line with the complexities of remote access, portability and physical dispersion … but offsetting that, off-site working can be convenient, productive and popular, and there are business continuity advantages too. 

Implementing appropriate security controls makes off-site working viable, on the whole, with security awareness being an essential control.  A globe-trotting ICT-enabled workforce that lacks  appreciation of its compliance and other information security obligations is an incident waiting to happen - an incident in progress in fact.

‘The workplace’ is a complex and dynamic concept, more than merely a physical location where work is performed. 

This diagram is provded in MS Visio in the module, along with 8 othersBoth ‘work’ and ‘workplace’ are evolving. Whereas most of an organization’s information might once have been created, housed and used by workers based in conventional offices, today’s increasingly mobile workers are using portable wireless-networked ICT equipment to create, use and communicate information wherever they happen to be at the time. 

Although some kinds of work necessarily remain bound to particular physical locations by the production machinery and resources, the workers themselves are gradually being set free by automation.  The nature of work is changing too.  This decade has seen the rapid ascendance of tech-enabled social networking, crossing organizational boundaries and further blurring the distinction between our work and private/home lives.  Striking the right balance is key.

Learning objectives

This month’s module:

  • Explains the information risk arising from working off-site;
  • Expands on the associated information security controls of all kinds – cybersecurity plus physical security, administrative controls, compliance controls and more;
  • Motivates people to take more care over information entrusted to them when working off-site

Consider your learning objectives in relation to this topic.  It’s another good topic for socializing security among the workforce because it is relevant to and affects practically everyone.


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