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Click for more infoApril’s topic is “Spotting incidents” New this month

Every year, April 1st reminds us all to be vigilant. Did you spot the scams this time or fall for them? Are you fool or legend?  Alert or asleep at the wheel?  On the ball or out for the count?

It’s basically the same issue with information security incidents ... except they arrive at all times, and the consequences of failing to spot them could be much worse.  No joke.

Recognizing the warning signs is an excellent start but recognition alone is insufficient: having spotted trouble ahead, we must react promptly. In practice, the appropriate reaction or response depends on the situation. In most cases, ‘tell someone’ (report it!) is sound advice and that’s what April’s module sets out to achieve through the awareness and training materials aimed at staff.

Don’t be a fool. Read more about “Spotting incidents”, the latest NoticeBored security awareness and training module and the 68th topic in our bulging portfolio.

Coming up soon

We are busy researching and preparing fresh awareness and training materials on the following topics:

  • May: off-site security concerns the information risks and security controls applicable to working from home, on the road, from hotels, in departure lounges and generally out-and-about, on the hoof as we say.  Subscribe to NoticeBored now to receive May’s awareness and training module as soon as it is released.
  • June: physical security is an essential means of protecting ICT devices, networks and data, as well as other physical information assets - not least the workers themselves (i.e. health and safety).  Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and nine-tenths of information security.
  • July: playing by the rules revolves around compliance but we’re not just talking about laws and regs, important as they are.  Compliance with corporate policies, contracts, agreements and ethical codes is also a necessary part of information security.

Security awareness and training is what we do

We’re passionate about this stuff, keen to inspire you and your colleagues.

We put in the hard yards researching and preparing top-quality creative content to make your awareness and training program soar.


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